9 types of vegetables that grow well on the balcony…

Having your own garden or at least a few flower beds is unfortunately an unrealizable dream for many, but luckily we don’t even need large areas to grow a few vegetables. Namely, they can be grown in tubs or planting pots directly on the balcony, taking into account a few facts.

Vegetables planted in this way require more frequent and abundant watering, since the soil in planting containers dries out faster than the soil in flower beds. The soil in pots and tubs, especially black ones, gets very hot in the sun, so straw insulation will not be superfluous.

Butterflies, bumblebees, wasps and bees should be attracted to the balcony during flowering for better pollination. The easiest way to achieve this is to plant flowering ornamentals next to vegetables.

And finally: it is better to plant several species of plants. If one fails, the other can. The following plants can be grown directly on the terrace or balcony.


Larger troughs are recommended for him so that he can grow well in them. You can sow seeds in it or plant seedlings in it, either way, it will be invaluable when you can afford your own harvest for lunch or dinner.


Basil, parsley, chives, thyme, marjoram… spices are an excellent choice for container or pot culture. If you let one bloom, you’ll attract more pollinators.


Just like lettuce, sow it or plant it in larger containers. You’ll have your spinach all summer, because the leaves regrow again and again after you cut them.


The cherry tree is best for planting in containers. You will get a tasty and at the same time beautiful addition to any balcony.

Miniature eggplants

Since the usual ones take up a lot of space, smaller species, the so-called mini eggplants, are recommended for growing on the balcony.


Durable, crunchy and extremely healthy. Not only is it delicious and very useful, but it is also undemanding. But be careful: it needs a large container, for a plant it must contain at least 11 liters of soil.


Good news for chilli lovers: it also thrives on the balcony. And for sweet lovers: uncooked pepperoni will be perfect for yours, planted in a trough or pot.

Cucamelon (cucamelon) or Mexican cucumber

A little miracle called a kukamelon or Mexican cucumber, it belongs to the cucumber family and has a fresh taste somewhat reminiscent of lemon and is ideal for growing in small areas.

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Like spinach, Swiss chard thrives in larger containers. By cutting its leaves and stems, the plant strengthens and forms a veritable tasty and useful little shrub.

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