A salmon recipe in three minutes that shocked the web

And how does salmon prepare the world-renowned American writer and director, who also wrote cult works such as Carrie, Cat Cemetery and That? He wrote in telegraphic style on Twitter, where he has 6.6 million followers, a few days ago: “Dinner: buy a nice salmon fillet at the supermarket, not too big. Add a little olive oil and lemon juice. Wrap in a damp paper towel. Microwave for about three minutes. To eat. Maybe add a salad.”

But then it boiled over, and quickly, King’s recipe flooded Twitter, and King’s cooking tips were reported by numerous US and other media outlets.

Foodies were horrified to accuse King that the salmon was not microwaveable. Still others have analyzed the chemical ingredients that take care of the whiteness of paper towels. The third remembered the smell the fish gives off when we try to prepare it in this appliance.

Renowned chefs, for example, have also come forward Jose Andres, who also runs the charity project World Central Kitchen – WCK present in Ukraine. Chef Andrés wrote: “This is horrible! Salmon can be fresh, baked, fried… But three minutes in the microwave sounds like a twilight zone. »

Famous American cook of Indian origin Padma Lakshmi he thinks the same way about the recipe: “It’s scarier than any story he’s ever written.”

Does the recipe work?

However, among all the horrified reviewers, there was also someone who checked out what the salmon looks like, prepared on the advice of a world famous writer. And guess what: they were downright surprised. For example, a King’s recipe tester wrote on BuzzFeed Ross Yoder“When I waited nervously in front of the microwave for the longest 180 seconds of my life (and was freaked out by the soft crackle that came from the microwave after two minutes), I I opened the door and found… no, boiled or steamed salmon. Everything was fine! They all survived! Including my microwave!”

What about the taste? “When I finally approached him with a fork…oh, my God. It was the juiciest, tenderest, sweetest salmon I have ever eaten,” enthused Ross Yoder, who would be an even bigger Stephen King fan.

Since we don’t have microwaves in our newsroom (and, hand on heart, we don’t even have salmon in the fridge today), unfortunately we can’t tell you firsthand what are the cooking skills of Stephen King.

However, we can definitely recommend this recipe for the sweetest salmon written by you. Tjasa Vede and Blaz Mikuljansays the tandem We cook.

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