Bine Volčič reveals how to make a green salad at home (if you don’t know what to do)

Summer is definitely the time for light vegetable dishes, which is why green salads are increasingly on our plates.

And while you are slowly running out of ideas on how to prepare it, journalists from the Odrta Kuhinja portal have now gone to Binet Volčič for advice, who has revealed how he prepares green salad for his family these days.

Here is his recipe:

Pre-prepared spice mixes, with which we pour salads, may sound very good, but as Bine says, he prefers to add each ingredient to the salad separately. “I always add each ingredient separately, i.e. vinegar, oil and salt, then mix it together,” he told a reporter for the portal, revealing why.

“Because finding the right balance between the three ingredients is difficult, you also have to know exactly how much to add to the salad. I never do this well, so I always add the ingredients evenly or one at a time. .” time,” he added.

So what does a lettuce oxidize with?

With three simple things; vinegar, oil and pepper, sometimes add a little garlic, which he prefers to combine with pumpkin oil.

He also explained that he prefers making the green salad with pumpkin oil, while he prefers the olive salad over other mixed salads.

Here are her favorite salad toppings:

If the salad is on the side, then at most add an egg, but if the salad is a stand-alone dish, he prefers to prepare it like the emperor’s salad, i.e. iceberg lettuce, yogurt vinaigrette, cubes of bread, parmesan and bacon.

Photos: Primož Predalic, Profimedia

Source: Open Kitchen


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