Chamomile pesto as prepared by Jamie Oliver

The hot weather was used by many to harvest čemaž, also called wild garlic. Green leaves with a characteristic smell and taste are real harbingers of spring, and dishes with them are a wonderful spring delicacy. Soups and salads can be made from čemaž, and many people decide to make homemade pesto, which can be used to diversify a variety of meals. From risottos to pasta, to delicious pizzas.

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He also opted for the hub Jamie Olivierwhich he loves, and we borrowed his simple recipe to stock up on this wonderful plant.


– 30 g of cemaž leaves
– 100 g of nuts (pine nuts, almonds or hazelnuts)
– 3 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil
– 50 g of hard cheese (parmesan, pecorino or cheddar)
– Half a lemon
– floor


1. čemaž leaves are first washed and torn, flowers are saved for later.

2. Salt the leaves with a pinch of salt and crush them in a mortar. Add pine nuts or other nuts and mash again. Stir in olive oil.

3. Stir and add grated parmesan or another type of hard cheese. Then sprinkle everything with lemon juice and stir until the mixture becomes homogeneous.

4. Season with salt and pepper until the taste is perfect. Decorate the top with flowers.

5. Pesto can be sprinkled on salads, pasta or other dishes.

Tip: Make sure you always cover it with a clean spoon to prevent mold from growing on the surface.
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