do we put apples in French salad or not?

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The thing is, the French salad is an inevitable holiday treat on the tables of many family homes. However, it seems that not everyone prepares it the same way, and one ingredient in particular has caused debate among Croatians on the online platform. Reddit. And while some people think adding an apple to a French salad is a must, others say it’s a crime. “People who put an apple in a French salad should be arrested and interned on Gole otok,” one netizen joked. “No apples, no ham, no corn. If anyone wants to add some, they have to separate some of it or don’t be offended if I reject such a salad,” another added. Some users have come to the defense of French apple salad. “The apple actually adds a really good texture and flavor to the French salad,” some say, while others add, “I always make fries with pickled Granny Smith apples.”

What is the French salad?

According to Wikipedia, French salad is a classic vegetable salad with potatoes, carrots, pickles, peas, eggs, and mayonnaise. This salad was first presented to the public in Moscow around 1860. It was invented by a Belgian named Lucien Olivier, who at the time had a Parisian restaurant in Moscow called Hermitage. Hence the name French salad, known in the world as Russian salad. It can be found in almost all buffet restaurants and on family tables during the New Year holidays. Salad is best offered alongside meat dishes and served on a plate or in small bowls with appropriate decoration.

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