Goriška chicory in salad – Primorske novice

    Photo: Ales Srnovrsnik

Photo: Ales Srnovrsnik

Ingredients for four people

4 pale heads

Endive Gorizia (Solkan Regatta)

4 poached or boiled eggs

4 garlic cloves crushed and minced

4 tablespoons lard crackers

extra virgin olive oil

wine vinegar

salt pepper

The chicory heads are washed, the leaves are removed, the larger ones can be cut off, the remains of the root are cut lengthwise together with the inner small leaves. Put everything in a large salad bowl. Melt the frying fat and when the fryings heat up, scoop them up with a ladle. Sprinkle them over the chicory and add ingredients other than the eggs, which are layered over the salad once it is cut into plates. (If desired, and for an even more rustic salad, add hot boiled beans and boiled potatoes cut into large chunks.)

The recipe was saved at Ošterija Žogica in Solkan, which is one of the bars in Gorizia included in the Go Gourmet – Days of Gorizia Chicory initiative. The others are Ošterija Branik, Gostilna Winkler, Restaurant Calypso, restaurant of Hotel Sabotin, Gostilna Pri hrastu and Restaurant Pikol. Almost all of them promise to have dishes enriched with Gorizia chicory on the menu until the end of February or until the end of the withering season for this chicory from the gardens and fields around Nova Gorica.


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