Grilled cheese? How to spice it up with attachments?

Would you like to spice up your picnic, but you don’t know how? It’s an opportunity to change things up a bit and, in addition to grilled meat delicacies, treat yourself to something less meaty, but still incredibly good – go for the grilled cheese! You can combine it with many side dishes and dishes, which guarantees a culinary experience.

What gives each gril a dot on the i? Sir!

If you want grilled cheese quickly, the easiest way is to simply buy it in store. Fresh and pasteurized barbecue cheeses are already ready for cooking, so preparing them will be quick and easy – place it on the grill in the same way as meat products and cook for as long as indicated on the package. However, if you want to enjoy its preparation for longer, you can also prepare grilled cheese in interesting combinations at home! At the same time, we must be careful – hard cheeses are the most suitable for grilling, so we must reduce gouda or edam. Simply cut the selected cheese into slices, season it with selected spice blends if desired and place it on the grill.

Infinitely delicious combinations

Grilled cheese goes well with different flavors. We have put together some ideas for you that will delight your palate and enrich your dining experience.

1) CHEESE WITH SAUCE: The spicy sauce goes well with all grilled meats, with which you can coat the cheese for grilling before cooking or offer it as a spread. For this we need 0.5 dcl of apple juice, 5 tablespoons of ketchup, a teaspoon of sugar, ground red pepper and vinegar and spices as desired. Combine ingredients and cook until boiling, then reduce heat and stir until sauce thickens.

2) CHEESE WITH VEGETABLE ACCOMPANIMENT: fresh, roasted vegetables go well with grilled cheese. You can look for fresh tomatoes, onions and red peppers, or you can enrich the zucchini with a spice blend of garlic, rosemary and salt and grill them with cheese.

3) SOFT CHEESE with SPICES: you can also use milder cheeses, which are placed in aluminum foil with the spice mixtures and grilled for about half an hour. In addition to spices, you can also add fresh vegetables (tomatoes, onions, v peppers) to the foil and provide an even bigger and better blend of flavors. After the soft cheese is baked in foil, spread it on crusty bread.

4) Written SPICKLES with CHEESE: grilled cheese also goes well with vegetable skewers. Their preparation is quite simple – we dip wooden skewers in cold water, and in the meantime we wash, dry and cut the selected vegetables. You can opt for peppers, courgettes, tomatoes, onions… Marinate vegetables and cheese in olive oil, adding salt, pepper, garlic and other spices of your choice. choice. Cover with aluminum foil and let sit for half an hour to soak up the flavors. Later, pieces of vegetables and cheese are alternately pricked on skewers and placed on the grill, where they are cooked for a few minutes.


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