In the new season of MasterChef Slovenia only one contestant from Primorska will cook

Out of 16 amateur chefs, only one woman from Primorska, Daša Fiegl, 29, from Nova Gorica, will perform in the new season of MasterChef Slovenia, which returns to POP TV on March 17.

Daša Fiegl says she

Daša Fiegl says she would “wow” the MasterChef judges with her fish broth. Photo: Ana Gregorič / POP TV

In the new eighth season, the culinary competition will also be led and judged by three well-known Slovenian chefs – Bine Volcic, Luka Jezersek in Karim Merdjadi.

It must be constantly in motion

16 competitors will compete for the title of MasterChef Slovenia and the prize of 50,000 euros, and Primorska will be the only one to represent Dasha Fiegl of Nova Gorica. The 29-year-old, a trained hairdresser, says she is stubborn, full of energy and needs to be constantly on the move. There’s no room for monotony in her life, so she often changes jobs as well as moods: “My moods change quickly, so sometimes it’s hard to know how I’m going to react to something.”

In her youth, she was not passionate about cooking, she got the impetus later when she started cooking for herself and for her colleagues and friends, who praised her dishes at many times. She only appreciates the kitchen if it is tidy and clean. “Always, if possible, I clean regularly. Keeping track of measurements and reading recipes is a big problem for me,” he admits.

Rather salty than sweet

She loves to prepare savory dishes, especially fish. The preparation is not so close to it. “I was careful not to eat sugar for many years. When I choose sweet dishes, I sweeten them with honey, dark chocolate or something else. Sugary foods make me addicted and have a detrimental effect on my well-being and health. Of course, there are days when I’m happy to treat myself to a piece of cake, a croissant or an ice cream,” he confides.

Primorci is the winner of most seasons so far

Primorci has not only been very present in the last seasons of the show, but also very successful. They have won four of their seven seasons so far; in the first in 2015 he won Sasho Miljusevic from Koper, one year later Darko Klemen from Secovlje, in 2017 Sara Rutar of Izola and in 2018 Jaka Mankoc from Koper.

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