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Fish is still too little present on our menu. And even then, they are mostly baked, grilled, or fried. Or a can. Have you ever tried cooking? Very tasty, healthy and easy.

“Once you’ve tried ‘carcass’ fish, you don’t try any more,” say many foodies. What does “on the corpse” really mean? Simply – “cooked”. The word comes from the Italian word “lesso”, which means “cooked”. In this case, it means a dish that we start cooking in cold water.

Carcass fish is a kind of forgotten offering, rarely found in seaside restaurants in the flood of grilled fish.

All types of sea fish are suitable for cooking, even sardines – but before cooking, the inside should be thoroughly cleaned and as much blood as possible, which will burn, should be removed. Otherwise, the best fish for cooking are white fish – sea bream, bass, toothfish or grouper.

When cooking fish, we get two dishes – both meat and fish soup.

How do we prepare it?

Very simple:

Approximately 1 kg of heavy fish add a little water, with 1 whole carrot, 1 small onion in s a piece of greenery or green asparagusand more floor, a few black peppercorns in 1 bay leaf. Cover and cook gently so that the fish softens.

It can also be added to stew parsley rootwhat wheel or crumb lemoncomma thymepoint Rosemary and/or room dried chili.


Carcass fish is very easy to prepare

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The fish is done when the eyes turn white and pop out, and the dorsal fin pulls off easily with your fingers.. In general, however, we can follow the rule that kilogram of heavy fish cook about 12 minutessome recommend that fish, 5 cm thick, cook 25 minutes, and those 12 cm thick, 60 minutes.

When the fish is cooked, add half a deciliter – maybe a little more – of extra virgin olive oil to the soup, and a little chopped to taste. parsley or in Garlic.

Gently remove the fish from the soup – preferably with two spatulas – then strain the soup, cut the cooked carrot into slices and add a few tablespoons of cooked rice (or cooked thin pasta) and offer it as a stand-alone dish .

Be sure to offer extra virgin olive oil to the fish, but you can also mix chopped parsley mixed with melted butter, to which we have added a little salt and a few drops of lemon juice.

We offer selected bread or boiled potatoes with the dish, but we can also offer a lightly spiced salad. And a glass of selected wine, of course.

Point: When the fish is cooked, we advise you to eat the fish first, then the soup. It would be a shame if the fish cooled and lost its taste, and most importantly, its tenderness would lose its tenderness.


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