Pan-fried fish with Trieste lentils


Place two types of lentils on the bed of endives and a fillet of fish with herb butter in the middle. Photo: Pixabay

Fish with care we filletremove all the bones and she living rooms, pepper, lightly oil. Place it in a pan in which the olive oil is heated, and cook it first on the side with the half-brown skin, then turn it over and cook until it is cooked, making sure it stays juicy. In another pan, heat the herb butter and pour it over the fish fillet before serving.

The lenses do not need to be soaked. Green and brown lentils are put in cold water and cooked over moderate heat for 20-25 minutes (they must remain on the teeth), red and black lentils are less cooked because they have no shell and time cooking time is 8 to 13 minutes. Always salt the lentils at the end of cooking. Drain the cooked lentils and wash them under very cold water.

Fry the finely chopped onion in a heated skillet. KB windowadd the boiled and cooled lentils, sauté lightly and turn several times, add a little soup stock and a spoonful of mustard, let everything simmer, living rooms and pepper. Lentils should not float, but should be evenly cooked and relatively dry to serve.

For the nativity scene, pour olive oil and a little water into the pan. When hot, add the chicory leaves and simmer quickly to keep a nice red color. Serve all together on a larger plate. Place two types of lentils on a bed of radicchio and fish fillet with herb butter in the middle, garnish and serve hot.


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