Proper cooking of vegetables and meat with the signature of a true barbecue master

The sunny days are finally upon us, which means that the weekends are reserved for conviviality with family and friends around the barbecue. Even if it seems very simple, grilling still requires a certain concentration and dexterity. For a perfect grill that will impress everyone present, it is not enough to season the meat, throw it on the fire and watch it with a glass of beer in your hand.

The benefit of cooking with a covered grill

As the King of the Barbecue team told us, today most barbecue masters already cook food with the grill lid closed, which retains heat, moisture and smoke during cooking. “The trapped heat burns the food faster and the trapped moisture ensures that the connective tissues in the meat break down faster and the food stays juicy,” they said, adding that the trapped smoke flavors the food and gives it a real taste of barbecue. However, if we are fans of real American steaks with a heavily roasted crust and a juicy core, then we roast the meat with the lid open. The King of Grill team advises masters to always heat the grill to the highest temperature, even if the recipe calls for a medium or low temperature, except for ceramic grills, as these take longer to cool. “We only adjust the cooking temperature when the grill is hot and ready to cook. We need hot grills, on which the meat will immediately crackle and get the right grill marks or the signature of the real grill king. “

And another secret that they are ready to share with the masters of the grill: the grill is worth preparing so that we have two heat zones – the hot part of the grill for crusting and cooking smaller pieces of meat and the coldest part of the grill to preserve food. and cook larger cuts of meat. In addition, two thermal zones have several advantages. “We can prepare several different types of food at the same time; cook it on the hot part of the grill and finish cooking on the coldest part of the grill. The indirect zone is suitable for cooking large pieces that require more time, but in the case of fat burning we can remove the food from the direct zone to the indirect zone until the fire goes out. ” . “We just move the oil to one part of the grill. In the case of gas grills with several burners, turn off the side or center burner and thus create an indirect zone. »

Leave food alone while cooking

It is also important that when the food is grilled, close the lid and leave it alone. Flip it halfway through cooking and finally remove it from the grill. “If we turn the meat too much, the outer layer of the meat cannot be cooked well. Each time we turn the meat, we open the grill, releasing temperature, humidity and smoke, which extends the time cooking time and dries out the meat unnecessarily,” they said, adding that charcoal grills must constantly monitor the temperature the grill reaches. “At the start of cooking, of course, we reach the highest temperature, but during cooking it slowly drops. The speed depends on the quality of briquettes or charcoal and us. We have to watch it carefully, and when the grill starts to lose temperature, we add fuel in time. “If we have the chance, it’s best to light new briquettes in the fireplace while cooking and add the shiny ones to the grill if needed.” Grilled foods taste best if they rest soon after cooking. If we cut the meat as soon as we remove it from the grill, the delicious juices from the meat flow into the plate instead of staying where they should be. If the meat rests for a few minutes before eating, the juices return to the cells.


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