The grilling season has started, is your grill ready?

Grilled dishes are a treat for spring and summer parties, and they like to linger in the warmth of fall. But to have fun you also need a grid, which is sometimes difficult to clean. Learn a few tricks.

Grilled dishes are certainly a healthy choice, but undoubtedly a great idea for picnics and socializing with friends, relatives and acquaintances. To really enjoy cooking and socializing, you’ll also need to take care of the grill, as cleaning alone will truly guarantee delicious treats. Learn some handy tips to keep your grill clean quickly and easily.

Remove old charcoal

If you want to use the grill for a long time and prepare tasty and healthy food, you will need to start with the basics. If the grill remains dirty from the previous cooking, you must start cleaning from the beginning. First, clean the container that serves as the focal point. Remove old ashes and charcoal, which will otherwise rise during re-cooking and smoke meat, vegetables and cheese. Wood ash is a cleaner with which you can perfectly clean the grill and the metal sides and other parts of the grill. It will also easily remove grease stains and bring the grill back to shine.

It’s grille time

clean the grill with onions

the time of dreams

Onions are also a great cleaning solution.

If the grill is still dirty from the previous cooking, roll up the sleeves. Now that the barbecue equipment has been cleaned, it’s time to light it and place the burnt grate on the fire. Let the fire ignite well if you have a lid, cover the grill but ensure the air supply. Let the heat take care of the burnt food and remaining fat. Then remove the grill from the grill and clean it well with a wire brush. If you don’t have one, use aluminum foil. Shape it into a ball to rub against the grate. It is important to remove all the fat, otherwise it will be responsible for the crackling of the fire and the “yellowish” taste of the dish. Then cool the grill. From the fine ashes and a little water, make a thick paste to coat the whole grid and rub well with a sponge. The ashes will facilitate the removal of debris that the fire failed to destroy. Simply wash the grid in lukewarm water and dry it. Grease it before using it again.


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