These are the flaws that make your potato salad thin

Potato salad is one of those dishes that we rarely want, but we are always happy to see it on the table as an accompaniment. The potato classic is so easy to make it’s a great spice for a picnic menu, yet so neutral it goes with almost any dish. Especially for meat.

But so that potato salad is not tasteless, overcooked or otherwise unhappy, before cooking potatoes, read what not to do when preparing it.

cooking potatoes

An eternal question that strikes us at almost every dish for which we need boiled potatoes. Should the potatoes be cooked in their skins or should they be peeled first? Well, it’s better to cook it whole. Pre-wash the tubers, then place the potatoes in cold water and cook until completely tender when grilled with a fork.

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The secret to a good potato salad is vinegar. It doesn’t matter if you forget it, but it also matters when you add it to the container. It is best to add a few tablespoons, we recommend the homemade apple, when the potatoes are still warm. So, when cooking the potatoes, peel them as soon as possible and cut them into chunks. Then add a couple of tablespoons of vinegar, stir and soak the potatoes in acid, which will perfectly accentuate the flavor of the salad.


If it is necessary to add vinegar to hot potatoes, you have to be more patient with other spices and additives. Especially if we are going to add mayonnaise or other creamy ingredients to the potatoes, we must be careful not to mix them with hot potatoes, because in this case we will end up with a rather sad and pasty salad. So always season a bowl of potato salad only after the potatoes are completely cool.


Eggs are not a mandatory ingredient in potato salad, but they make it very spicy and add a creamy taste. If you usually forget them, be sure to try a combination with this supplement in the next preparation, because the spice will certainly be welcome. The eggs should be hard-boiled, but it is better to cut them into as thin rings as possible and mix them after adding vinegar to the potatoes.


Potato salad is a very simple dish, but this does not mean that its taste should not be enriched with various spices and additives. In the company of potatoes, vegetables will work very well. For example, you can add onions, celery or even peppers, maybe finely chopped cucumbers or radishes. Something crunchy will definitely give the salad a better impression. You can also enrich the taste of the salad and not just its texture. Mustard, for example, will bring out the flavor of the mayonnaise and add a crisp, crispness to the cooked bacon. For the latter, just be sure to add crisp but cold. Pepper also goes well with salads, and some people like to use dill or chives. In short, do not forget to salt the potatoes well at the beginning to obtain the most intense flavor of the tubers. Then let yourself be creative and culinary inspired and add the spices you like.

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