This is how Bine Volčič prefers to prepare a green salad

Lettuce graces most of your gardens today, right? Those of you who don’t, however, we see how mums and grandmothers have come to mind, proudly rushing to visit and carrying a head or two of freshly cut vegetables on a patch of land as a gift. With lots of wonderful salad we went for tips on how to make it Binet Volcic.

salad soup

Mixes prepared in advance and then shaken well in investment jars sound good in theory. But Bine simply peels the cleaned salad waiting for her in a bowl. “I always add each ingredient separately, that is to say the vinegar, the oil and the salt, then I mix”, describes the interlocutor.

Why? “Since it is difficult to get the right balanced mixture of the three ingredients mentioned, you also need to know exactly how much of the mixture you are going to add to the salad. I never do it so well, so I always add the ingredients regularly or one by one,” says Bine Volčič.

Three things: vinegar, oil and salt – what about garlic? “I’ve been giving it a little lately, but really little, and only when I combine it with pumpkin seed oil,” he explains.

Pumpkin or olive oil?

Really, the oil: which one do you use most often to make salads? “It depends on the salad I’m making. Most of the time it’s olive or pumpkin oil, while I don’t use sunflower for the salad. I usually use a little pumpkin seed oil on a green salad, but when I’m preparing others, I usually opt for olive oil,” says Bina Volčič.

If the salad is part of the meal at home, so it accompanies the main course, Volčič adds almost nothing more to it, except maybe a hard-boiled egg: “I love it.”

However, when the salad turns into an independent dish, the Volčič family usually offers a homemade version of the Caesar salad: “So: lettuce, mainly ice cream, then yogurt topping, bread cubes and Parmesan , as well as bacon.”

Other spices, maybe spice blends or maybe sunflower or other seeds? “No,” he said at the end of a short speech about the salad.

We also recommend: from now on you will only prepare the salad this way

Cover photo: Instagram of Binet Volčič

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