Vrh Nata shocked by what they were offered for dinner on the menu #photo

Officials and journalists who attended this year’s NATO summit on Tuesday were very surprised when they saw a Russian salad on the menu of the restaurant, which we call French.

Waiting for the arrival of the American president Joe Biden and other world leaders at this year’s NATO summit in Madrid, officials and reporters were confused when they saw what was on the menu. The main course on the menu of the Spanish restaurant was the Russian salad, a mixture of peas, potatoes, carrots and mayonnaise.

They were surprised because, due to the invasion of Ukraine, NATO called Russia a security threat to the new strategic alliance.

It was sold in a few hours

“A Russian salad in addition to NATO? I’m a little surprised by the choice of this dish,” the journalist told Spanish media La Sexta. Otherwise Lopez. Despite the initial surprise, the Russian salad should sell out within hours.

A Spanish leader decided on a more diplomatic solution during the banquet of visiting defense and foreign ministers in Madrid’s baroque Santa Cruz Palace Jose Andres, which renamed the popular dish Ukrainian salad. He did this in all his restaurants across Spain.

Marjan Sarec, NATO


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